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About The Canadian Connection


"Hello" and "Welcome to The Canadian Connection."  I am your author, “Rockin Robin" Drodge.  

The Canadian Connection webpage was designed to voice my personal opinions on my favourite sports-entertainment, Professional Wrestling, and is dedicated to all you wrestling fans. This webpage is very unique because it contains Canadian content.  It features my own articles on different Superstars, as well as links to some of my favourite websites.  I will be adding new articles in the near future.  Stay tuned.

At an early age, I became interested in watching wrestling on TV and, as time went by, I guess you might say that I became addicted to it.  I am visually impaired, so really I have to depend upon my hearing to know what this sports entertainment is all about.

A little while ago, I had a passion that I would like to write articles about different wrestling Superstars, so I thought I would do that and share it with others.  Once I was on the roll, I decided to create my very own webpage to share this information with others.

If you have any questions regarding The Canadian Connection, please drop me an email message. I will be happy to provide you with the answer.  Thanks for checking out my website and I hope that you continue to come back for a Canadian view on wrestling.  I would love to hear what you think about my views on wrestling.

Please feel free to sign my guestbook and offer your comments.

----  Rockin Robin

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About The Canadian Connection

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