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WWE "No Way Out" - SmackDown Pay-Per-View

Location:  The Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

by "Rockin" Robin Drodge

Event Date:  February 18, 2007

Match Number One - Six-man Tag Team Match.  The United States Champion Chris Benoit, Matt and the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP), Mercury, Nitro and Melina (MNM).  This was the opening match for No Way Out.  It was all right.  The ending came when Chris Benoit applied the crippler crossface on Joey Mercury to make him tap out to the move and win the match for his team.

Match Number Two -Cruiserweight Open for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.  WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, Daivari, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble, Jimmy Wang Yang and Chavo Guerrero.  The rule for this match was: two Superstars would start the match; once one was eliminated another would enter the ring.  This would continue until there was only one Cruiserweight remaining, who would become the Cruiserweight Champion. 

The first two Superstars to start the match were Scotty 2 Hotty and Daivari.  Scotty pinned Daivari and eliminated him from the match.  Next was Gregory Helms, who pinned Scotty 2 Hotty.  Next was Funaki, who was pinned by Gregory Helms.  Next was Shannon Moore who was eliminated by Gregory Helms.  Next was Jimmy Wang Yang, who pinned Gregory Helms, which meant there would be a new Cruiserweight Champion.  Next was Jamie Noble, who was pinned by Jimmy Wang Yang.  It appeared that Jimmy would win the Cruiserweight Championship, however, Chavo Guerrero, the last Cruiserweight to enter the ring hit the frog splash from off the top rope to pick up the pin-fall victory and become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Match Number Three - A Tag Team Match.  The Little Boogeyman and The Boogeyman vs. Finlay and The Little Bastard.  This match was all right.  The ending came when Finlay used the shillelagh on The Little Boogeyman to pick up the pin-fall victory for his team.

Match Number Four - Kane vs. King Booker (with Queen Sharmell in his corner).  This match was all right.  The ending came when Kane hit the choke slam on King Booker to pick up the pin-fall victory.

Match Number Five - WWE Tag Team Championship:  WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Deuce and Domino (with Cherry in their corner).  This match was all right.  The ending came when Paul London and Brian Kendrick pinned Deuce and Domino to retain their Championship.

Match Number Six - ECW World Championship:  ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy.  This match was all right.  The ending came when Mr. Kennedy brought a steel chair into the ring.  He hit Bobby Lashley with the steel chair, however the Referee did not see it so he did not get disqualified.  Bobby Lashley picked up the steel chair that was still in the ring and used it on Mr. Kennedy, this time the Referee saw him do it, which resulted in Bobby Lashley getting disqualified. As a result of a disqualification, the winner is Mr. Kennedy.  A Championship can’t change hands on a disqualification, therefore Bobby Lashley is still the ECW World Champion.

Match Number Seven - The Main Event - A Tag Team Match.  The Undertaker and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. the World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion John Cena.  This match was all right.  The ending came when The Undertaker hit a choke slam on John Cena, and Batista delivered a spine-buster to Shawn Michaels instead of going for the pin-fall.  Batista turned on The Undertaker and hit him with a spine buster.  Shawn Michaels got back up and hit the sweet chin music on The Undertaker, which was then followed-up with the FU from John Cena to pick up the pin-fall victory for his team.

Some additional comments regarding "No Way Out". 

This pay-per-view was sold out with 17,134 fans in attendance.

I thought the ECW World Championship match was not the best, and to have it end with a disqualification, in my opinion was not a good decision.

I was not surprised Batista turned on The Undertaker because these two will be wrestling each other at WrestleMania, and in my opinion, Batista had to be the heel for the match, which is why the WWE decided to go ahead with the turn at this event.

 This has been the "No Way Out" report written for The Canadian Connection by your author,
"Rockin" Robin Drodge here at The Canadian Connection.

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