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ECW™ "One Night Stand" - Pay-Per-View

Location: The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City

by "Rockin" Robin Drodge

Event Date:  June 12, 2005
Report Date:  June 12, 2005

Match number one - Lance Storm (with Dawn Marie in his corner) Vs Chris Jericho.

This was the opening match for ECW™ One Night Stand. It was very good. At the end of the match Justin Credible ran down to the ring and hit Chris Jericho with a Singapore cane to help Lance Storm pick up the pin-fall victory.

Match number two - A three way dance. The insane luchador Super Crazy Vs Tajiri (with Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck in his corner) Vs Little Guido.

This match was very good. Mikey Whipwreck got involved and hit the whippersnapper on Little Guido to help Tajiri eliminate him from the match. Then the match came down to Super Crazy and Tajiri. Super Crazy picked up the pin-fall victory on Tajiri to win the match.

Match number three - Extreme Luchador action.  Rey Mysterio Vs Psychosis.

This was an all right match.  Rey Mysterio picked up the pin-fall victory when he hit the west coast pop on Psychosis.  Then the SmackDown™ superstars, who had come to the ECW™ Pay-Per-View to try and put ECW™ out of business for good, were spotted.  While Joel Gertner tried to talk, he was attacked by Kurt Angle.  Angle then got on the mike and started to do a promo about how he hated ECW™.  After a few minutes of talking, John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) took the mike from Angle and started to do a promo, talking about how great he was and that he hated ECW™ as well.  Then Rob Van Dam came out with Bill Alfonso and started to do a shoot promo.  He said that he was not happy with either the RAW™ or SmackDown™ superstars being at this Pay-Per-View because they had nothing to do with ECW™, and they should not even be here at all.  Then he went on about how well ECW™ and their fans loved him and then had a few words to say about the WWE™ and they weren't too kindly.  Then out of nowhere, Rhyno came out and gored Rob Van Dam, setting up a match between Rhyno and Sabu.

Match number four - Sabu Vs Rhyno.  This was a very good match.  Sabu ended up picking up the pin-fall victory when he came off the top rope with a steel chair in his hand and hit a leg drop on Rhyno; who was on a table.

Match number five - Chris Benoit Vs Eddie Guerrero.  This was an all right match between Benoit and Guerrero.  Benoit applied the crippler cross face on Eddie Guerrero and made him tap out to the move to win the match.

Match number six - Masato Tanaka Vs Mike Awesome.  One of the very best matches of the night.  There was a lot of action in this match and it went back and forth between Tanaka and Awesome.  At the end of the match a table was set up on the outside of the ring and Mike Awesome power bombed Tanaka from the inside of the ring to the outside and then hit a big splash to pick up the pin-fall victory.  Then Paul Heyman came out to do a promo in which he thanked Todd Gordon for giving him the opportunity to be creative and he also thanked the fans.

Match number seven - Then the final match of the night.  Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman Vs the Dudley Boys.  This match was as hardcore as you can get it.  Before the match started, the Blue World Order (BWO) - Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova and the Blue Guy came out and interrupted the match.  Then Kid Kash and Balls Mahoney came out and attacked the BWO.  Once the match finally got underway, The Dudley's, Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman did everything they possibly could to win the match.  There was a cheese grader brought into the ring, a ladder and a table.  The Dudley's hit the 3-D, then got a table from outside the ring and brought it inside the ring and proceeded to set it on fire.  Then once this happened the Dudley's hit the 3-D on Tommy Dreamer to pick up the pin-fall victory and to end the match.

After the match had ended "Stone Cold" Steve Austin came out to the ring.  He wanted to sit back and drink a beer and see a fight between the ECW™ superstars and the superstars from RAW™ and SmackDown™. 

Some of the wrestlers involved for RAW™ and SmackDown™ include the following: 

RAW™ Superstars - Edge, William Regal, Christian, Tyson Tomko, Snitsky, Maven and Jonathan the "Coach" Coachman. 

SmackDown™ Superstars - Kurt Angle, John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL), Orlando Jordan, the Bashams, Carlito and Matt Morgan just to name a few.

This happened and the RAW™ and SmackDown™ superstars got their asses kicked by the ECW™ superstars. Then "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wanted Mick Foley to bring Eric Bischoff to the ring.  Bischoff was at the broadcast booth and Foley did what Austin wanted.  Once Bischoff was in the ring, Austin asked the Dudley's to hit the 3-D on Bischoff, Chris Benoit to hit the diving head butt from the top rope, and Rey Mysterio to hit the 619.  Once all of this happened Austin hit Bischoff with the "Stone Cold" Stunner to end the Pay-Per-View. 

Other former ECW™ wrestlers who made appearances at this Pay-Per-View include the following:  Tazz, Spike Dudley, Al Snow with Head, Danny Doring and Roadkill, CW Anderson, Axl Rotten, Francine, Beullah, J.T. Smith, Tracy Smothers, Chris Chetti.

Some additional comments regarding ECW™ One Night Stand. 

I must say that while I am not crazy about ECW™, tonight's Pay-Per-View was very good.  The location where the Pay-Per-View took place was a small location and can only hold up to about 3,000 people.  There was no announcement regarding how many fans were in attendance for this Pay-Per-View but I would guess that it was close to a sell-out for this one time Pay-Per-View. 

In the opening match, it was Lance Storm's official last match.  Lance will be going back to Calgary and will be opening up his own wrestling school starting sometime in the Fall of 2005.  It was great to have him wrestle Chris Jericho because, first they trained together in the Dungeon and then they wrestled against each other in their debut as pro wrestlers.  I thought it was rather interesting that Lance Storm wrestled his very first and very last match against Chris Jericho.  This was a non-traditional pay-per-view because it was ECW™ not WWE™ and the fans were very different.  The fans seemed to have enjoyed themselves a lot and they are certainly passionate about their favourite wrestlers when it comes to ECW™.  I don't think that they should have non-ECW™ wrestlers, such as wrestlers from RAW™ and SmackDown™ on this Pay-Per-View.  They have never been a part of ECW™ so why should they be involved now. 

I thought that RVD was very good on the mike; maybe the WWE™ should take note of this and consider what great asset that he has.

This has been the ECW™ One Night Stand Report written by your author, "Rockin" Robin Drodge.

© 2004 Robin Drodge, All Rights Reserved

(This page was last updated on 2007-01-01 )

© 2004 Robin Drodge, All Rights Reserved

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