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ECW™ "One Night Stand" - Pay-Per-View

Location: The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City

by "Rockin" Robin Drodge

Event Date:  June 11, 2006

Match number one - Tazz vs. Jerry the “King” Lawler.  This was a very quick match.  Tazz won when he used the Tazzmission to make Jerry Lawler tap out to the move. 

Match number two - Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton.  This was a good match.  The ending saw Kurt Angle apply the ankle lock on Randy Orton to make him tap out to the move.

Match number three - Tajiri and Super Crazy vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke (The FBI).  This match was all right.  The ending saw the FBI hit a double fishermen bomb on Tajiri to pick up the pin-fall victory.

Match number four - World Heavyweight Championship:  World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu.  Extreme rules were used for this match.  This match was all right.  The ending saw Sabu hit a DDT on Rey Mysterio onto a table which stopped the match.  As a result, Rey Mysterio is still the World Heavyweight Champion.

Match number five - Mick Foley and Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk.  This was scheduled to be a Tag Team match, however it turned into a Six-person Tag Team match when Lita and Beulah were added to the match.  The ending saw Edge spear Beulah to pick up the pin-fall victory for his team.

Match number six - Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka.  This match was all right.  The ending saw Balls Mahoney hit Masato Tanaka with a steel chair; which led to the pin-fall victory.

Match number seven - The Main Event.  WWE Championship:  WWE Champion John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam.  This match was also contested under extreme rules.  This match was all right.  The ending saw Edge spear John Cena; resulting in Rob Van Dam hitting the five-star frog splash, but there was no referee to count the pin-fall.  There were two Referees involved in the match but they were both knocked down, so Paul Heyman came down to the ring and counted the three count, which resulted in Rob Van Dam becoming the new WWE Champion.  Apparently if he won the Championship he was going to rename it to be the ECW Championship.

Some additional comments regarding ECW One Night Stand. 

This Pay-Per-View was sold out with about 2,500 fans in attendance. 

This has been the ECW One Night Stand Report written by your author, "Rockin" Robin Drodgehere at the Canadian Connection.

© 2004 Robin Drodge, All Rights Reserved

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© 2004 Robin Drodge, All Rights Reserved

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