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"Taboo Tuesday" - A RAW Pay-Per-View

by "Rockin" Robin Drodge

Event Date:  November 1, 2005
Arena: ipayOne Center, San Diego, California

 This has been another addition to The Canadian Connection by your author,
"Rockin" Robin Drodge.

(This page was last updated on 2007-01-01 )

Match Number One - An Inter-promotional Tag Team match between RAW Vs. SmackDown. Snitsky and "The Masterpiece” Chris Masters (RAW) Vs. two SmackDown™ Superstars that the fans would vote on.  The choices were:  Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, Christian, Hardcore Holly and John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL).  The fans selected Rey Mysterio with 29 percent and Matt Hardy with 31 percent to wrestle in this match.  This was the opening match for "Taboo Tuesday".  It was very good.  The ending saw Rey Mysterio hit the 619; it was then followed-up with a Twist Of Fate by Matt Hardy, and then a Springboard Splash from the top rope from Rey Mysterio to pick up the pin-fall victory.

Match Number Two - Rob Conway and Tyson Tomko Vs. Eugene and a WWE Legend.  The fans got to vote on whom they wanted to wrestle in this match.  The choices were:  “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Kamala.  The results were 40 percent for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, 17 percent for Kamala, and 43 percent for “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, in which he was the Legend to team up with Eugene in the match.  This match was all right.  The ending saw "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka hit the Superfly Splash from off the top rope to pick up the pin-fall victory for his team.

Match Number Three - Carlito Vs. A face of Mick Foley.  The fans got to vote on which face of Foley they wanted to see in this match.  The three choices were: Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack.  The results showed by a vote of 52 percent that it would be Mankind.  This was a good match.  The ending saw Mankind hit a double-arm DDT and then it was followed-up with the Mandible Claw to pick up the victory.

Match Number Four - World Tag Team Championship Match:  World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch Vs. two superstars who did not get selected to wrestle in the WWE Championship match would wrestle for the World Tag Team Championship.  The voting results showed 46 percent for Shawn Michaels, which meant he would be wrestling in the Main Event; while Kane who had 38 percent of the vote and the Big Show who had 16 percent of the vote would be wrestling for the World Tag Team Championship.  This match was all right.  The ending saw both Kane and the Big Show hit a double choke slam on Lance Cade to pick up the pin-fall victory to become the new World Tag Team Champions.  Afterwards, Todd Grisham attempted to interview Kane and the Big Show, however Trevor Murdoch interrupted them.  Both Kane and the Big Show went back to the ring and hit a double choke slam on Murdoch.

Match Number Five - An Inter-promotional match.  World Heavyweight Champion, Batista (SmackDown) Vs. Jonathan the “Coach” Coachman (RAW) with Goldust and Vader in his corner.  The fans got to decide what type of match this would be.  The three choices were:  a Verbal Debate, an Arm Wrestling match, or a Street Fight.  The results showed that 91 percent wanted a Street Fight.  So this was the type of match that Batista and the Coach wrestled in.  It was all right.  Vader and Goldust tried to help the Coach but none of their efforts managed to work out and Batista took both of them out.  The ending saw Batista hit his Batista Bomb on the Coach to pick up the pin-fall victory.

Match Number Six - WWE Women’s Championship Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal.  WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus; Vs. Ashley, Vs. Maria, Vs. Mickie James, Vs. Candice Michelle and Victoria.  The fans got to vote on what the Divas would be wearing for this match.  The three choices were: Lingerie, Leather & Lace or Cheerleader Outfits.  The results showed 43 percent in Lingerie, 32 percent in Leather & Lace, and 25 percent in the Cheerleader Outfits.  The Divas were dressed in Lingerie for this match.  Elimination could occur when a Diva was thrown over the top rope, in which both of their feet had to hit the floor.  Elimination happened as follows:  First it was Maria, then Candice Michelle, then Ashley, followed by Mickie James who speared Victoria, resulting in both of them going over the ropes at the same time.  As a result, Trish Stratus for the second year in a row won the Battle Royal and retained her Women’s Championship.  Afterwards, Todd Grisham attempted to interview Trish Stratus, however Trish was unable to talk because Mickie came in and started to talk about how she was a 'big Trish fan' and how she was the 'greatest Women’s Champion'; Trish did not get to say anything at all.

Match Number Seven - Intercontinental Championship.  Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair Vs. Triple H.  The fans got to decide what type of match it would be.  The three choices were: One Fall to a Finish, Submission, or a Steel Cage.  The results showed that by a vote of 83 percent, it would be a Steel Cage match.  This match was very good.  The ending saw Triple H trying to attempt the Pedigree, however Ric Flair reversed the move by hitting a backdrop on to a steel chair that was in the ring.  From there, Flair continued to hit Triple H in the head with the chair.  After a few chair shots, Flair walked out the door of the Cage and his feet touched the floor, which resulted in Ric Flair winning the match and retaining his Championship.

Match Number Eight - The Main Event, WWE Championship Triple Threat Match.  WWE Champion, John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels.  As a result of Michaels being voted into the Main Event earlier in the night, it gave him an opportunity for the second year in a row a chance to win the Championship.  This match was all right.  The ending saw Shawn Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music on Kurt Angle, and from behind John Cena hit the FU on Michaels to pick up the pin-fall victory to retain his Championship. 

Some additional notes regarding “Taboo Tuesday”.

First, there was no announcement on how many fans were in attendance, so I can only assume that this Pay-Per-View was not sold out.

The Color Commentators for the night were Joey Styles and Jerry the “King” Lawler.  This was a surprise for Joey Styles to be Commentator for this Pay-Per-View.  I don’t know what Joey's future will be in the WWE, but who knows he could perhaps replace Jim Ross on RAW™.  I guess we will have to wait and find out what the future holds for him.

In the RAW Vs. SmackDown match, it was scheduled to be Edge and Chris Masters; however Edge did not wrestle.  I can only assume that since Edge has a torn pictorial muscle, the WWEtook every precaution of not having him wrestle, which was probably the reason he was replaced by Snitsky in the match.

Another thing about the match.  It would have been interesting if Christian had been selected by the fans to wrestle in the Tag Team match at Taboo Tuesday; because he quit the WWE on October 31, 2005, and this would have been his last night.

Another point, this Pay-Per-View was an interactive one, in which the fans got to decide the fate of the WWE superstars.  That is, what type of match they would be wrestling in and other various stipulations for the night.

There were some rumors going around on the Internet that Kane had suffered a back injury.  In fact, some even thought that maybe it could be a broken back.  The injury took place last week on RAW™ in a Triple Threat match between Kane, the Big Show and Shawn Michaels.   However, there was some question if Kane would be able to compete at the Pay-Per-View tonight due to his injury.  WWEcom announced that Kane would wrestle at Taboo Tuesday.  He did and he appeared to be fine.

In the Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal, Torrie Wilson was supposed to be one of the Divas in this match.  However, she was not.  There were some reports late Monday night stating that Torrie was released from the WWE.  However, today on there was a story stating that Torrie had not been released but she had alerted WWE about some kind of family issues; therefore she would not be at Taboo Tuesday.  So who knows what the future of Torrie and her relationship with WWE will be.

I think Mickie James pretending to be Trish Stratus’s biggest fan won’t last long.  I think after awhile Trish will not be happy with Mickie.  In my opinion, I would say Mickie will turn heel and she and Trish will then feud over the Women’s Championship; in which I think that Mickie will be the one to win the Championship from Trish.

I was not too happy with the WWE Championship Triple Threat match.  I think that John Cena should lose the WWE Championship.  At this point it doesn't matter to me, but hopefully this happens very soon.  I think that he is a good guy when it comes to talking on the mike but in the ring he is not a very good wrestler.  I also think the WWE needs to turn him heel because for a while now the fans have started to boo him in whatever he does and they have even started a "Cena sucks, Cena sucks" chant.

I thought the Steel Cage match between Ric Flair and Triple H was very good.  However, there was one thing that I was not at all happy with, which was while this feud has been going on and during the promotion for this Pay-Per-View, that there was no mention that the Intercontinental Championship would be on the line.  In fact, it was not included in the voting and it was only mentioned Monday night on RAW and then tonight at the Pay-Per-View.

I don’t know why this Pay-Per-View is being promoted as interactive.  In a sense I guess you could call some of the matches interactive, while others are not.

For example, it was very clear the WWE wanted Shawn Michaels to wrestle in the Main Event.  His name was mentioned first every time the three choices was brought up for the WWE Championship match, and in the Triple Threat match last week on RAW™.  Michaels won that match and then Monday night on RAW™ they had Michaels Vs. John Cena in a non-title match.  At the end of the night, Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music on Cena and then grabbed the WWE Championship Belt that was at ringside and raised it up over his head.  It was clear that Michaels would be the choice at Taboo Tuesday.

Another example was the Ric Flair/Triple H match.  The last two weeks in promoting this match the WWE had Flair do promos telling the fans that he wanted Triple H in a Steel Cage.  So it was very clear, in my opinion, this would happen.

As a visually impaired person, this Pay-Per-View was difficult because the results from the fans voting were displayed on the TV screen rather than being read aloud. I have to rely on someone else to read this information to me.  As for the voting process, it is not easy to use because for every match there is a certain security code to enter, and JAWS, which is a screen reader, won’t read the code, therefore a person with vision has to do the voting for me.  I do think the voting system should be changed so a person, like myself, who is visually impaired, or others with low vision can participate.  Hopefully in the future, there will be improvements in the way this voting is done and the way the results get presented.

Batista was a late replacement for the match between himself and Jonathan the “Coach” Coachman.  It was supposed to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin; but due to him and the WWE not agreeing on him losing the match to the Coach.  Therefore, he did not want to participate in Taboo Tuesday.  This has been the latest news on the Internet concerning the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin situation.  On RAW Monday night, Vince McMahon explained that Austin had some type of accident over the weekend and that he would not be wrestling against the Coach, so Batista was the person that replaced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the match against the Coach. 

This has been the “Taboo Tuesday” Report written by your author:  “Rockin” Robin Drodge here at the Canadian Connection.

© 2004 Robin Drodge, All Rights Reserved

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