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Trish says Goodbye to WWE©

by "Rockin" Robin Drodge

Date:  August 29, 2006

On August 28, 2006, during Monday Night RAW© that aired on the Score here in Canada, a back-stage segment took place between Carlito and Trish Stratus.  Carlito wanted to know why Trish Trish Stratus had not told him she was going to retire.  Thanks to Lita, who overheard a telephone conversation between Trish and her parents, telling them she planned on retiring from WWE©.  Lita decided to contact© and inform them about the news, which was later posted to the WWE© website.   Trish did indeed confirm to Carlito that the news was true, however she did not want the news to come out this way. 

It appears Trish will wrestle Lita for the WWE© Women’s Championship at the upcoming "Unforgiven" Pay-Per-View, scheduled to take place on September 17, 2006, in Trish’s hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Most likely this will be her last Pay-Per-View appearance as part of the WWE© and as a WWE© diva. 

Trish made her WWE© debut on March 19, 2000.  At that time she was a valet for the Tag Team of Test and Albert, later known as T&A.  From there, she has grown to become one of the best WWE© Women’s wrestlers.  I don’t mean to disrespect any of the other Divas, but Trish has done a lot in her short six-year career.  She has been named "Diva of the Decade", the "Internet Babe of the year" for three straight years in a row, and also held the Women’s Championship for an historic six-times.  If she happens to win the Women’s Championship at "Unforgiven", it will be a seven-time, which is unheard of so far in the WWE©. 

It may seem to be a short career for the Canadian, but she has done everything there is to do in the WWE©, and there is really nothing left for her.  While it would be nice to have her around a little longer, I respect her decision to leave wrestling and move on to a new chapter in her life; which will include marriage because on September 30, 2006 she is scheduled to get married. 

I am sure whatever her plans are in the future, her loyal fans will follow her success on her official website. 

So as a Canadian, Trish has made a lot of Canadians proud of her, and as a loyal fan that looks forward to getting "stratusfied" every Monday Night.

I would like to wish Trish all the best in her future endeavors.  One thing is for sure; Trish Stratus will be sorely missed when it comes to the Women’s Division in the WWE©.

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"Rockin" Robin Drodge.

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