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Trish Stratus

by "Rockin" Robin Drodge

Date:  August 1, 2004

If there ever was anyone who is proud to call themselves a true Canadian, it is WWE™ diva "Trish Stratus".

Trish was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  Her family consisted of her parents and two sisters, Melissa and Christie.  Trish always made sure her school homework was done before going outside to Picture of Trish Stratusplay.  She says she was a “tomboy” and enjoyed a lot of sports. Trish is a former soccer and field hockey player.  She watched wrestling at a very young age.  Trish was a Hulkamaniac while growing up. She was also a fan of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage.  Trish and her younger sister teamed up to take on her two cousins in wrestling matches during the summer months.

Trish’s goal was to be a Doctor.  She enrolled in pre-med at York University in Toronto and completed courses in preparation for medical school.  Trish had everything together with all of the required documents completed when at the last minute the professors at the University went on strike. This left Trish in limbo without knowing what to do next.  It was at this time she decided to become a fitness model, where she did some work for MuscleMag International and then appeared on a number of covers for the magazine.

In 1998, Trish appeared on a sports show in Toronto called “Off the Record” hosted by Michael Lansberg, which airs on TSN.  While on this show, Lansberg delved into various topics - especially wrestling.  A question was asked of her something to the effect of who she thought was the best female wrestler today.  While in the process of answering the question, the live crowd on hand screamed out "Trish".  She replied: “I am not a wrestler” and then gave her response - it was "Sable".

Later Trish left the show and made an appearance on another TSN show called the Gallagher show, hosted by John Gallagher.  He asked her some questions and then brought up the subject of wrestling.  Trish said she knew a lot about it and that the people at “Off the Record” wanted to tell her what was happening in different story lines, but she said she knew what was going on because she was a big wrestling fan.  It was then asked about her love for the WWF, (which at this time it was still using the name).  Trish told him she loved the WWF.  A question was asked of her, (if I remember correctly) if she would like to be a part of it one day. Her reply was "she would love to".

After appearing on the above two TSN shows, Trish found herself backstage at a RAW™ show in Toronto trying to get an interview for her radio show "live audio wrestling" (The LAW).  A WWF Talent Scout came up to her and told her to send him a Press Kit with some of her work, including MuscleMag Covers that she appeared on.  He said he would get back to her.  This Scout did not get back to her right away, so in the meantime she participated in some in-ring training at a Gym in Toronto called Sully's Gym.  In the interim, rumors were running wild that Trish might be signing with the WWF.

While appearing on "Live Audio Wrestling", also known as “the LAW”, Trish was asked about these rumors.  In her response, she indicated that these were just rumors and said she would welcome the opportunity to be a part of the WWF someday.  Each time Trish appeared on Live Audio Wrestling, rumors of her possibly signing with the WWF went into overdrive.

About six months later, the Scout contacted Trish and flew her to Stanford, CT, where she met Jim Ross (JR), Vice-President of Talent Relations for the Company at the time, who asked her if she would be prepared to get physical in the ring.  Trish indicated to him that she was delighted to be given this opportunity and jumped at the chance to sign with the WWF.  After her meeting with Jim Ross, Trish went home with a contract offer.  On November 24, 1999, Trish officially signed the Contract.  Trish had received many offers from other Companies, including one from WCW, however she only wanted to work for one company, the WWF.

Trish made her official WWF debut on March 19, 2000.  In two separate matches on Sunday Night Heat, Trish was shown scouting Test and Albert.  They were later known as a tag team - T&A,  (Trish was their valet).  Trish then did a promo on RAW™ to introduce herself so the fans had the opportunity to become familiar with her.  She said everyone had come to see "T&A"; the fans all thought they were referring to her, but she said afterwards she meant Test and Albert.  Of course the fans did not like this.  T&A were a "heel" team and Trish was a "heel" as well.   On April 2, 2000, during Wrestlemania™ 2000, Trish made her way down to ringside for her team’s match, in which the team of T&A went one-on-one in a tag match against the team of Steve Blackman and Al Snow.  T&A went on to win the Wrestlemania™ match.  After this, T&A feuded with the Dudley Boys.  For a few months the main focus of the feud was on Trish and Bubba Ray Dudley.  This distracted Bubba Ray.  The final encounter saw Trish finally get what she deserved.  She got power bombed through a table at the Backlash 2000 Pay-Per-View event.  The Dudleys got their wish and the fans got their pay-off.  This proved that Trish was more than just a pretty valet; she could take the bumps just like anyone else.  This meant she would play a bigger role in the Company by being an in-ring performer with the WWF.  After the feud was over with the Dudleys, T&A moved on to lock horns with the Hardy Boys.  This feud had an extra element to it because Trish was with T&A and Lita was with the Hardy Boys.  Finally, Trish wrestled in her first official in-ring match in a six-person tag team match that featured Test, Albert and Trish against the team of Matt, Jeff and Lita on the June 22, 2000 SmackDown™ episode in Memphis TN.  One of the color commentators for SmackDown™, Michael Cole, said everyone was waiting to see Trish in action and this happened when she got into the match and wrestled Lita.  At the end of the match, Albert power-bombed Lita.  Trish was then placed on top of Lita to pick up the pin-fall for her team.  After the feud of T&A and the Hardy Boys had concluded, T&A went their separate ways.

On SmackDown™ in December 2000, the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon, appeared on TV and announced that he wanted out of his marriage to his wife, Linda.  Vince started to date Trish shortly after this announcement.  This created a problem…his daughter; Stephanie, said there was no room in the family for two females and emphasized she was the dominant female in the McMahon family.  Trish and Stephanie could not get along with each other, so Vince tried to calm down the situation.  However, all his efforts failed.  A tag team match was set for SmackDown™ on July 27, 2000 in San Antonio, Texas, between Chris Jericho and Lita against the team of Triple H and Trish.  Triple H and Stephanie were having marital problems at the time and before their match took place, Trish asked Triple H if he could show her some wrestling moves.  He showed her a hammer lock and how to escape the move.  While Trish was trying to do a counter hold to escape the move, Stephanie walked in on them, needless to say she was not to pleased to say the least.  Triple H ended up leaving the building resulting in Trish having to get another partner for her match.  Mick Foley, the Commissioner for the WWF at that time, replaced Triple H with Chris Benoit.  So the tag team match was now Trish Stratus and Chris Benoit against the team of Lita and Chris Jericho.  Lita and Chris Jericho ended up winning the match when Jericho hit the lionsault on Benoit.

On July 31, 2000 on RAW™ in Atlanta, Georgia, the main event featured a tag team match between The Rock and Lita, against the team of Triple H and Trish.  In the end it saw The Rock and Lita win the match when Lita had hit the moonsault on Trish from the top rope to pick up the pin-fall.  Trish said she was proud to have the match because both her and Lita had been promoted.  She also indicated that the WWF had faith in her and Lita to get in there and work with the best "The Rock and Triple H".

Next, at "No Way Out" on February 27, 2001, a singles match was set between Trish and Stephanie.  Trish was very happy with the match and believes that it helped her career and made her realize that she wanted to do more of it.  Stephanie won the match at "No Way Out", thanks to William Regal’s help.

The next night on RAW™ was a tag match with Vince and Trish teaming up to take on Regal and Stephanie.  Stephanie went to her father and tried to convince him to back out of the match because this could lead to 'daughter and father' possibly having to wrestle each other.  Vince would not reconsider so the match went ahead.  This was a set-up, they had shown earlier on RAW™ that Trish and Vince had gotten a bucket of slop and were going to dump it on Stephanie.  However, it backfired, the slop ended up on Trish instead.  Vince and Stephanie, along with Regal, were the culprits.  After this incident, Vince made Trish get down on her knees; cRAW™l around and bark like a dog just to get back in the good graces of Vince.  All of this led into Wrestlemania™ 17 in Houston, Texas, at the beginning of April 2001.  Linda, Vince’s wife, was supposedly hospitalized following a mental breakdown.  Vince made sure that she was medicated, and at the pay-per-view Vince told Trish to double the dosage of medication for Linda.  The match was between father-Vince and his son-Shane in a street fight.  Vince and Shane went at it and while the match was going on, Trish made her appearance at ringside, pushing Linda in a wheelchair.  As Vince was getting back into the match, Trish slapped him in the face and then she laid right into Stephanie where a cat-fight ensued.  The two women went back to the dressing room and Shane won the match.  It was revealed that Trish, Shane and Linda were all in on it together giving Vince what he deserved.  As a result, there was a great deal of fan support for Trish.  She became a good girl or what is known in the wrestling business as a “baby face” and her performances in the ring improved dramatically.

While Trish was doing her pylometric training in Toronto, she chipped a bone in her ankle; this resulted in her being placed on the injured list.  She had surgery on her ankle on August 2, 2001.  Trish was out of in-ring action for approximately three months.  When a person gets injured or is absent from the ring or not appearing on TV without the fans being aware of what's happening, it could put a damper on how the fans react once they return.  If you thought that this would stop Trish, well you thought wrong.  She taped the following three commercials: Stacker 2, SmackDown™ and Fleer Trading Card.

The final thing she did was co-host a show called WWF Excess.  This was on Saturday nights; Trish and Jonathan Coachman did the show together on TNN.  The show took you behind the scenes at live events; it also showed highlights from RAW™ and SmackDown™, along with having Superstars as guests in the studio to answer questions from the fans either by e-mail or phone.  This was something different for Trish because she was herself, instead of the character you get to see in the ring.  Fans got to see a different side of her.  Trish went from being a guest of basically answering questions of others, to a person who was asking the questions.  One final thing she did before returning from her ankle injury was design her own house in Toronto.  It is a custom built home.  I heard that her house is huge, according to people who have watched the Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction DVD.  In October, she returned from her injury and got back to delivering Stratusfaction to the fans.

On November 18, 2001, in Greensboro, North Carolina, at the Survivor Series, there was a six-pack challenge for the Women’s Championship.  This match was set to crown a new Women’s Champion because Chyna, champion at the time, was without a contract.  Chyna and the WWF could not come to an agreement over a new contract; thereby resulting in both her and the WWF going their separate ways.  The title was vacant for a while.  In the match at the Survivor Series, the six participants were as follows:  Molly Holly, Lita, Jacqueline, Jazz, Ivory, and of course, Trish.  Trish had hit her finishing maneuver, which was a bulldog - she has called the move "Stratusfaction", and scored the pin-fall, making her the new Women’s Champion.  When you are the champion you have to be able to defend the championship night after night and be able to go in the ring to do whatever it takes to retain that title.  Trish was put into a feud with Jazz.  They went at it pretty good for a while.  Jazz preferred to use the STF for her finishing move and had put Trish in it several times.  This is a painful move.  It was on February 4, 2002 on RAW™ in Las Vegas that Jazz defeated Trish with a Brain Buster.

As a champion, you are entitled to a rematch after you lose the Championship.  You can decide to exercise the rematch clause whenever and wherever.  Trish wanted to have another opportunity at the title, however there were others who wanted the Championship.  Trish and Lita were friends at the time, but there was a problem: they both had aspirations of being the champion.  This was leading up to Wrestlemania™ 18, which was to take place at the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The last time the WWF was in Toronto for Wrestlemania™ was for Wrestlemania™ VI that took place on April 1, 1990, with a record-breaking crowd of 67,176 fans in attendance.  A press conference was held to make the fans aware the event would be returning to Toronto.  The WWF hoped to have a new attendance record for the pay-per-view.  Trish was on hand for the press conference.  She said she was proud to return to Toronto to announce that the biggest wrestling event of the year would be held in her hometown.

The match for Wrestlemania™ 18 was to have Jazz defend the women’s title against Trish and Lita in a triple threat match.  The match took place on March 17, 2002 with 68,237 fans in attendance.  When Trish came out to the ring for her entrance, I was told she was wearing a Canadian maple leaf flag on her butt.  This proved to the fans that she was a proud Canadian.  It would have been great if someone were to win a title in their own hometown, however it was not meant to be for Trish.  Jazz went on to win the match and to retain the women’s title at Wrestlemania™.  As time passed, it seemed that Trish was becoming more aggressive and it looked like a “heel” turn was going to take place, setting up a feud between her and Lita.  Unfortunately, this did not happen because Lita had suffered a neck injury that required surgery. Therefore Trish ended up going back to being a good girl or what is known as a "baby face".

The World Wrestling Federation lost a court battle over the trademark WWF and also lost the rights to their website WWF.Com.  On May 6, 2002, they changed their name to World Wrestling Entertainment (“WWE™)”.  Seeking to advance in the face of adversity they launched an exciting advertising campaign with the slogan, "get the F out".   T-shirts were designed with this slogan, which really had a hit.  The Company decided it had too much talent to appear on both RAW™ and SmackDown™, so a decision was made to hold a “brand extension” in which one roster of wrestlers would appear on RAW™ and another on SmackDown™.  However, no wrestler could appear on both shows once they had been selected for a specific roster.  The selections were made on RAW™, whereby 10 superstars were picked from both RAW™ and SmackDown™, the remainder of the rosters were to be selected after RAW™ went off the air.  The results of both rosters were then posted to the new website, WWE.Com™, so fans could view which roster their favorite superstars would appear on.  It was decided that Trish and the other Divas would appear on RAW™ every Monday night to compete against each other.  The name of all titles had to be changed from WWF to WWE™, including the women’s title.

On May 13, 2002, the WWE™ returned to Toronto, not at the Skydome, but at the Air Canada Centre.  This was the first time that there had been a RAW™ show at the ACC.  An intergender tag team match was scheduled between Toronto’s own Trish Stratus with her partner Bubba Ray Dudley against the team of Jazz and Steven Richards.  There was a unique stipulation added to the match.  Bubba Ray Dudley was the Hard Core Champion and Jazz was the Women’s Champion.  So both titles were on the line at the same time.  If Richards pinned Dudley he would win the Hard Core title, and if Trish pinned Jazz she would win the Women’s title.  Trish won the Women’s Championship for a second time, this time in her hometown of Toronto.  This was a special night for her.  Jazz injured her knee during the match.  The injury required surgery and she was out of action for the next eight or nine months. 

The next challenger for Trish was Molly Holly.  Molly wanted the championship. She won a “number one contender” match, setting up a match between Trish and Molly for the WWE™ Women's Championship at the King of the Ring (KOTR) pay-per-view in Columbus, Ohio on June 23, 2002.  In this match, Trish lost the title to Molly.  Then on September 22, 2002, at Unforgiven that took place in Los Angeles, California, Trish regained the Women's Championship from Molly.   Trish had won the Women's Championship for a third time.

On November 17, 2002, at the Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden in New York City, a "Hard Core" match took place between Trish and Victoria for the Women's Championship.  In the weeks leading up to this Pay-Per-View, it was obvious that Victoria wanted to become the WWE™ Women's Champion.  It was a very good match and Victoria walked out of MSG with the Women’s Championship.

In the month of January 2003, the WWE™ celebrated a very special occasion; it was their tenth anniversary for RAW™.  RAW™ started on January 11, 1993 and was the number one rated show on Cable TV for 10 years.  The WWE™ decided to hold an awards show to mark 10 years of RAW™.  They invited the Superstars from RAW™ and SmackDown™, along with an invitation to the fans.  The event took place at New York’s Times Square, in a complex called "WWE™ New York".  TNN televised the event.  The first category up for an award was the Diva of the Decade.  Shawn Michaels presented this award.  They went through the nominees, which included the following:  Sable, Sunny, Chyna, Lita and finally Trish.  The Diva of the Decade was Trish Stratus.  Trish’s theme music hit, (music she uses when she enters the ring)  " Time to Rock & Roll".  Trish went up to the microphone and accepted the award.  She made a very interesting speech.  She started off by thanking the Fabulous Moolah for "opening the doors the women walk through today," and then she acknowledged Sunny and Sable for bringing sex appeal and glamour to the business.  She went on to thank Chyna for "cementing the fact that women can do it in the ring".  She thanked Fit Finlay for all of his help in taking her and the women’s division to where it is today.  Trish dedicated the award to all of the Divas and recognized the fact that it is a team effort to carry the women's division. She concluded by thanking the fans for their support.

Two months later, in March, Trish had the opportunity to do something different.  She appeared on MADTV which airs on Fox TV.  MADTV is a late night sketch comedy show.  Trish got to do a little comedy and had a great time doing it.  In the same month, she was getting ready for Wrestlemania™ 19, which took place on March 30, 2003 at the Safeco Field House in Seattle, Washington.  Trish would have another opportunity to wrestle for the Women’s Championship.  It was decided this would be a triple threat match between Victoria, who was the Champion, Jazz and Trish.  

Trish went on to score the pin-fall in this match and to win the Women’s Championship for a fourth time.  Trish had tied the Fabulous Moolah for the number of Women’s Championships held.

At the end of April, Trish lost the championship to Jazz.  Jazz held the title until the end of June when she put it on the line in a Battle Royal on RAW™, which featured the following superstars:  Ivory, Trish, Victoria, Jacqueline, Molly Holly and Gail Kim.  It was a shocker for Kim to show up and to win the title on her first night with the WWE™.  Gail Kim held the title for almost a month, but on July 28, 2003 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, lost it to Molly Holly.  After Molly's victory, both her and Gail Kim joined forces and became a team. It was then that Gail Kim turned heel.

The superstars have a very busy schedule; sometimes they either fly or drive to live events, or as some people like to call them "house shows".  It is tough on the Superstars because they don't get to spend much time at home because they are on the road for the most part living out their long-lived dreams doing what they love to do, which is Wrestling.

The next challenge in Trish’s career was to produce her own DVD/VHS.  Trish had a lot of ideas as to what to include in a DVD/VHS but didn't want to step on anyone’s toes in the process.  She gave her ideas to the Company and became the first Diva in WWE™ history to be a producer of a WWE™ DVD/VHS.  Trish had a lot of input into how the DVD/VHS would be laid out, then she was given a “producer” credit on the project.  Trish wanted to include the fans in the process so she asked the fans to send their comments to the “comment” board on her website, located at, and to indicate what wrestling matches or moments they particularly enjoyed about her career.  The DVD/VHS was called “100 percent Stratusfaction Guaranteed”.  You may ask, "what is 100 percent Stratusfaction Guaranteed?", well, it's this…. 33 percent Beauty, 34 percent Brains, and 33 percent BRAW™n.

The release date for the DVD/VHS was scheduled for September 2003 in the United States, however; it would not be released in Canada until November.  The official release date in Canada was November 25, 2003, though I believe it was in stores before then.  Fans could pick their choice of either a DVD or VHS when purchasing.   Trish made quite a few appearances at various locations to meet her fans and to autograph copies of her DVD/VHS.

On Saturday, October 4, 2003, the Superstars of RAW™ visited St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, for a live event that would take place at the Mile One Stadium at 7:30 PM.  The Tour was called "The Tour of Defiance". My friends and I went to the St. John’s Airport to find out the time the Superstars would be arriving.  We were told their flight was scheduled to arrive at 3:30 PM.  We decided to stay at the airport hoping to catch a glimpse of them as they arrived. There were also a few fans anxiously waiting for the Superstars arrival. The flight arrived a few minutes early.  I had the opportunity to meet a few of them.  These included Kane, Lance Storm, and of course, the one and only "Trish Stratus".  Trish was very friendly towards me.  As a visually impaired person, I was told that she had a big smile on her face.  I understand that she always has a smile on her face.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to talk to her.  She was very friendly, polite, and had a super personality.  The superstars had just come to St. John's from Guelph, Ontario, where they performed the night before.  I asked Trish about the event that took place in Ontario, she said that it was good and the location was very close to where she lived.  Trish gave the fans who were waiting at the St. John's airport a hug, signed autographs, and had pictures taken with them.  I had the opportunity to get her autograph and had a picture taken with her.

A few weeks prior to this event, Lita had returned from her injury and got back into the mix for the Women’s Championship.   The Champion was still Molly Holly at the time.  Wherever Molly went, you would find Gail Kim close behind her.  The two ganged up on Lita when Trish came to her rescue.  At the live event in St. John’s there was a tag team match between Trish and Lita against the team of Molly and Gail Kim, with Jazz as the special guest referee.  Jazz got involved and tried to help Molly and Gail, but Lita and Trish teamed up on Jazz, resulting in another referee entering the ring to finish the match.   Lita and Trish defeated Molly and Gail to win the match.  When Trish made her way down to the ring for the match, I was told she was wearing a Canadian maple leaf flag on her butt just like she did for Wrestlemania™ in Toronto.  The entire card was great.  The main event was a tag team championship tables match between the Dudley Boys against the team of Rene Dupree and Rob Conway, the team known as La Resistance, in which the Dudleys came out with the victory.  This match was particularly good.  The superstars of RAW™ left and went on to their next destination.

When Trish’s DVD/VHS was released in Canada, she made a lot of appearances, including The Mike Bullard Show, and the WWE™ Niagara Falls retail store to autograph copies.  She also made an appearance on Much Music and several other shows to promote the DVD/VHS.  Trish did an interview with Michael Lansberg for TSN’s “Off the Record” which aired on December 2, 2003.  She discussed various topics related to her career such as, possibly someday having a baby; not appearing in Playboy magazine and the promotion for her DVD/VHS.  She also taped a commercial for TSN that aired on TV during the month of December.  Speaking of December, this is a very special month for Trish.  First, her birthday is on December 18, one week later it is Christmas, which makes two special events close together.  On her official website she takes pride in thanking those individuals who sent her Birthday Wishes and Christmas Greetings. Trish sends a message to her many fans at Christmas time saying she hopes everyone has a Merry Trishmas.  Trish is very loyal to her wrestling fans.  She is a person who really cares about what the people want and takes pride in her performance, whether it is a live event, RAW™ or a pay-per-view.  Whatever can be done to keep her many fans happy, Trish tries to accomplish it.  She gives it her all.

It was announced on WWE™ TV that the WWE™ RAW™ superstars would once again return to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, for a live event on Sunday, January 11, 2004, at 1:30 PM.  Tickets were to go on sale on December 20, 2003.  It was rather quick and I could not wait to purchase my ticket and for the event to take place.  On January 11, 2004, I went to the St. John's Airport once again and was there early when the superstars arrived from an event the night before in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The Superstars arrived at approximately 10:30 or 11 AM.  Most of them went directly to rent a vehicle, with the exception of Trish who took time to speak to a few fans that were anxiously waiting at the Airport for autographs and pictures.

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of wrestlers and had another short conversation with Trish.  I had brought along my DVD for Trish to autograph.  As soon as I got to speak with her she said she recognized me from her last visit to St. John’s.  She said she recognized my jacket.  I was wearing a “RAW™ is War” jacket; a different one than I wore the previous time I had met her, but for her to say that she recognized me was wonderful.  Trish autographed my DVD, in fact she personalized it for me, and we then had a discussion about her house in Toronto.  I had told her that my family members had watched her DVD the night before and described to me what her house looked like.  I asked her if she had been in Toronto for the holidays.  I told Trish I had watched the interview that she had conducted with Michael Lansberg on December 2.  She wanted to know what I thought about the interview.  It was exciting to know that she took an interest in what her fans thought about the interview.  She had a picture taken with me and before she left I asked her for a second time, like the other time, if she would be delivering some Stratusfaction at the arena.  She said that she would try to do so.  Then she headed to the rental agency to rent a vehicle.  Most of the fans, including myself, decided to walk towards the car rental agency.  Standing next to Trish at the counter was Molly Holly. I had the opportunity to speak personally with her.  I had my picture taken with Molly and she autographed a book for me.   I had been curious about something that was always on my mind, so I thought I would ask Molly about it.  Molly seemed quite genuine and took an interest in what I was about to ask her.  I told her I had been wondering if the superstars actually carry the championship belts with them personally to the various appearances they attend, or if they are shipped.  I said being visually impaired; I always wondered what a championship belt felt like.  Molly said "one second".  She then reached into her bag and took out the Women's Championship Belt and handed it to me.  I must admit it was quite heavy.  The fans in the background were taking pictures of me standing next to Molly and couldn't believe what they were seeing.  Molly described to me the engravings, such as the nameplate and where the name was located.  As I was holding the Women's Championship in my hand, I heard someone say "why don’t he put it on".  Then it was placed on my shoulder for a photo of Molly and me.  I never in my entire life dreamed that I would have the opportunity to do that.  I later learned that Trish was the person who suggested the belt be placed on my shoulder.  This was very special and I want to say thanks to Molly and Trish for doing this for me.

I had a great time at this live event.  Trish wrestled in a fatal four-way elimination match for the women’s Championship.  It was between Molly, Lita, Jazz and Trish.  It came down to Trish and Molly.  Molly picked up the pin-fall victory to retain her Championship.  This event was entitled, "The Road to Wrestlemania™.”

Prior to this event taking place, Trish and Chris Jericho were starting a relationship on TV and it appeared that Trish was falling in love with Jericho.  Trish did not know that Jericho and Christian had placed a bet together to see who could get Trish or Lita into bed first.  They placed a Canadian Looney bet on it.  Upon Trish learning what Jericho was up to, and Lita learning what Christian was up to, they weren’t too happy and decided to break up with them.  Trish was a “baby face” and Jericho was a “heel” but it seemed that he was going to turn back as a “baby face”, so on this live event, Jericho and Kane wrestled in the main event.

The match was very good and towards the end, the referee got knocked down.  Kane had brought a chair into the ring and was going to use it on Jericho, but…. this did not happen.  Trish ran down to ringside and distracted Kane.  He was going to choke slam Trish, but when he tried to do this Jericho came up from behind and rolled him up to pick up the pin-fall victory.  The referee got back up to count the pin-fall.  After the match Jericho got on the microphone and said that he had won the match by himself and he did not need any help.  Trish took the microphone from him and said that he should be thanking her for the help.  Jericho took the microphone back and said a few other words.  Trish took the microphone again, she started to say she could not wait to return, and I am not sure if this was a mistake or if this was a sign that she was going to turn “heel”, but she said Halifax instead of St. John’s, to deliver 100 percent Stratusfaction Guaranteed.  Jericho then corrected her and said that it was St. John’s not Halifax, so they ended it by saying, she can’t wait to return to deliver 100 percent Stratusfaction Guaranteed, when St. John’s is… Jericho.  This is how the live event ended.  It was very funny.

They then left the arena and flew to Long Island, New York, for RAW™ the next night.  When RAW™ was over, Trish, Lillian Garcia, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Chris Jericho went to a store in New York to sign copies of a new CD that was released on January 13, 2004.  The CD was entitled "WWE™ Originals", where each wrestler performs a song appropriate to his or her image and talents.  Trish's song was entitled “I Just Want You”; it was very good and I enjoyed listening to it.

On March 14, 2004, Wrestlemania™ 20 took place in New York City at Madison Square Garden.  It was historic for WWE™ because they had held their first and tenth Wrestlemania™ at MSG in New York, so they went back for their 20th. one.  They had a slogan, “Where It All Begins… Again” and had a lot of promotion for this pay-per-view.  The romance between Trish and Jericho was still heating up.  Jericho was doing everything he could to get Trish back with him.  Now Jericho was back to being a “baby face”, some issues were still on going between him, Christian and Trish.  Jericho and Trish were fighting, and Christian was saying that Trish was getting in the way of their friendship.  Jericho did not want to hear any of it.  Christian lied to Trish when he said that Jericho had gotten over her, when in fact, he had not, so this was a lie.

RAW™ took place on February 16, 2004, two days after Valentine's Day.  Jericho had brought some roses for Trish, but Trish did not get them from him, instead the roses came from Christian.   So going into Wrestlemania™, something had to happen to put this issue to rest.  Kane and Jericho were wrestling on RAW™, Jericho had supposedly injured his knee and was not appearing much on TV, and if he did appear, his opponents would focus on his knee, causing him more pain.  They basically wanted to let him know that if he had an injured knee he shouldn't be in the ring.

Eric Bischoff, General Manager of RAW™, had enough and made a match supposedly between friends, Trish and Christian, that took place on RAW™.  Christian had hit Trish with a stiff clothesline and used the walls of Jericho to get Trish to tap out to the move.  The following week Jericho’s music was playing, everyone thought that it was Jericho; however this was not the case, it was Christian instead.  Chris Jericho had a “highlight reel” and Christian came out to perform one of these.  After a few minutes Jericho came out running and attacked Christian, setting up a match between Jericho and Christian for Wrestlemania™.  Trish was not on RAW™ that week.  She was trying to recover from her injuries that she supposedly sustained from Christian.  On March 13, the night before Wrestlemania™ on Fox TV, MADTV had superstars of the WWE™ on and they were doing a spoof of the Tonight Show, hosted by Jay Leno, and a segment that he has on the show called “Jay Walking”.  This segment of Jay Walking had to do with promoting Wrestlemania™.  There were four superstars that appeared on the show, the Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus.

Then at Wrestlemania™ 20, the very next night in the match between Jericho and Christian, Trish would play a role in the outcome of the match.  Trish ran down the ramp and came into the ring and hit Jericho with her elbow.  Jim (JR) Ross, one of the commentators, along with Jerry "The King" Lawler, thought that Trish had made a mistake and she was aiming for Christian.  This was not the case.  Christian went on to win the match and afterwards when Jericho got up, Trish slapped him in the face and then embraced and kissed Christian.  They were an item now and she had turned “heel” again.  It seems at each Wrestlemania™ since Trish made her debut, her character grows and something significant happens in her career to make her more successful.  On March 19, 2004, Trish celebrated her fourth anniversary with the WWE™.  A lot of her fans posted messages on her website comment board to offer their congratulations.

On February 23, 2004 in Omaha, NE, on RAW™, a fatal four-way elimination match for the Women's Championship featured Molly Holly, Jazz, Lita and Victoria.  Victoria defeated Molly, Jazz, and Lita to win the Title    Prior to this match; it was broadcasted on TV that Victoria had defeated Molly in a series of matches, so it wasn't surprising she won the championship in this fatal four-way elimination match. 

In detail, Lita pinned Jazz, Victoria pinned Molly, Victoria pinned Lita to win the Women's Championship.  Then a match was made for Wrestlemania™ in that Molly would get to wrestle Victoria for the title.  "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the Sheriff of RAW™, made a stipulation in that if Molly won the match she would win the title, but if she lost she would get her head shaved.  She agreed to the stipulation and the match took place at Wrestlemania™.  Victoria won the match and Molly had to get her head shaved.

The next night on RAW™, Trish and Christian came out and explained what happened at Wrestlemania™ and the fans weren’t happy with what they heard.  Jericho would get some revenge because at Backlash on April 18, 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, there would be a handicap match between Christian and Trish against Jericho.  At Backlash, Jericho won the handicap match and had gotten a measure of revenge on Christian and Trish.  A little while later, Christian had brought in a problem-solver by the name of "Tyson Tomko" who was supposed to solve all of Trish and Christian’s problems.

On May 10, 2004, in the main event on RAW™ in San Jose, CA., it would be a steel cage match between Christian and Chris Jericho.  Jericho escaped the cage and won the match, but Christian injured his back.  He is currently on the sidelines right now trying to recover from the injury.

While Victoria still had the women's title, it appeared as though the WWE™ had intended to give it to Gail Kim because they had her defeat Victoria in a series of matches, similar to what happened when Victoria defeated Molly.  Kim had scored three victories over Victoria and a match was set for Bad Blood on June 13, 2004.  It would be Victoria defending the title against Gail Kim.  However, this did not exactly happen.  Trish and Lita were going at it so Eric Bischoff had enough and set up a match for RAW™ on May 17, 2004 in San Diego, CA., between Trish and Lita.  Trish won the match, thanks to Kane who had distracted Lita.

What happened was, as Trish and Lita were just starting their match, Kane interrupted by wanting an answer to a question he had for Lita, this distraction led to Trish rolling up Lita to win the match.  Trish went to Bischoff and said she thought she should have an opportunity at Bad Blood for the women’s title.  The final decision would be that the match would be a “fatal four-way” for the Women’s Championship.  The competitors were the Champion - Victoria, Trish, Gail Kim and Lita.  The first person to score a pin-fall or a submission would win the match and the championship.  The Champion did not even have to be pinned or submit to lose the title.  Trish pinned Lita with a role up to win the Women’s Championship for a fifth time.  Trish is the first person in history to hold the Women’s title five times.  Trish is still the Women’s Champion, but is presently suffering from a broken knuckle on her hand.

SummerSlam™ will be taking place at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Trish’s hometown, on August 15, 2004.  Victoria is the number one contender for the title right now.  This is the hottest summer event and hopefully Trish will be back from her injury to wrestle at SummerSlam™ and defend her title.  So you can see that while Trish Stratus has had a short four-year career, she certainly has improved a lot since her debut in 2000.

Trish has a collection of over 150 wrestling figurines.  She is currently working on designing her second house in Toronto.  She is planning to have a place big enough to display her collection of wrestlers and other collectible items, such as shot glasses from wherever she visits, Barbie dolls, and comic books. Trish’s motto is “preparedness meets opportunity”.  She has done several photo shoots, some of which include: the cover of TV Guide, Urban Male Magazine, Flare Magazine in Canada, Musclemag Magazine, RAW™, and others.  Trish was voted “Internet Babe of the Year” for 2002, 2003, and 2004 by her fans on™.   The winner received a website and photo shoot.  In April she was named the “Girl Next Door”, a contest that was held on the Fox Sports website.  She had a lot of competition but she won.  Trish likes bowling, enjoys actor Jim Carrey and TV shows, such as "Everybody Loves Raymond". She likes to either have food brought in at her house in Toronto or spend time at her mother’s house eating home cooked meals.  Trish’s hobby is Interior Design.  She admits to being hooked on shows like Trading Spaces and other home decorating programs on the TLC and HGTV channels and reads home design magazines such as Architectural Digest and Florida Design. This brings out her unique personality.  Trish says that her designs are a reflection of her personality.  She says she can walk into a room and visualize certain aspects that will suit her needs.

Who knows what is next in Trish's career.  With Trish's qualifications she could someday host her own interior design show.  She is rumored to be up for the role of Sonja in the upcoming movie "Mortal Combat 3", but this has not been confirmed.

Trish cares for her home community in Toronto and is proud to be involved in various charity organizations, such as: The Special Olympics, Easter Seals, Dreams Take Flight, and Sunshine Games - Variety Village.  In fact, Trish declined a Road to Wrestlemania™ tour to Japan on the week of February 5 to attend the Easter Seals event in Toronto.  Trish has no regrets for the decision she made.  On February 7, 2004, Trish appeared in Oshawa, Ontario, to sign copies of her DVD/VHS.

Trish Stratus will be remembered for her work in and out of the ring.  She is a true Canadian and will go down in wrestling history as one of the best female Canadian wrestlers of all time.  She will leave a rich legacy, no matter where her career takes her. Trish will be remembered as a person who brought a lot of exciting entertainment to the WWE™.  One of the biggest things that she will be remembered for is her commitment to the fans.  Trish always strives to deliver 100% Stratusfaction to her fans.

Her parents and family are extremely supportive of Trish's career.  It is rewarding for them to know that Trish is proud to be a true Canadian who promotes her country, Canada, and her hometown, Toronto.

I am sure whatever this lovely and smart Canadian does that we have not heard the last of Trish Stratus.

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