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WWE  "Unforgiven " RAW Only Pay-Per-View

Location: The Ford Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

by 'Rockin' Robin Drodge

Event Date:  September 18, 2005
Report Date:  September 18, 2005

Match Number One - Intercontinental Championship:  Intercontinental Champion, Carlito Vs. Ric Flair.  This was the opening match for Unforgiven.  It was very good and the ending saw Ric Flair apply the Figure Four Leg Lock to make Carlito tap out to the move in order to win the match and to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Match Number Two - WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, and Ashley Vs. Victoria and Torrie Wilson.  This match was all right.  Trish hit the Chick Kick on Victoria to pick up the pin-fall victory for her team. 

Match Number Three - The Big Show Vs. Snitsky.  This match was all right.  The ending saw the Big Show hit the Choke Slam on Snitsky to pick up the pin-fall victory.

Match Number Four - Shelton Benjamin Vs. Kerwin White.  This match was all right.  The ending saw Kerwin try to use his golf club, however this did not happen, and Shelton then hit the T-Bone Suplex on him to pick up the pin-fall victory. 

Match Number Five - Steel Cage Match: Matt Hardy Vs. Edge (with Lita in his corner).  This was a real good match.  During the match, Edge was busted open; a lot of blood loss.   Lita, who was on the outside of the ring, tried to get involved in the match when she gave Edge his briefcase.  Edge went to use it on Matt, however Matt ducked; therefore Edge did not get to use it on Hardy.  Towards the end of the match, Lita tried to climb the cage, however Matt knocked her down.  Then Edge tried to escape the cage, however this did not happen.  Moments later, the Referee got knocked down.  Lita had a chair and was going to hit Matt with it, but instead of this happening, Matt gave Lita a Twist of Fate.  After this, Edge delivered a Spear to try to pick up the pin-fall victory; however this did not happen.  Then at the end of the match, Hardy climbed to the top of the cage.  At first it appeared that he would escape the cage to win the match, instead he climbed to the very top and delivered a Leg Drop off the top of the cage to pick up the pin-fall victory. 

Match Number Six - World Tag Team Championship:  World Tag Team Champions, Rosey and the Hurricane Vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.  This match was all right.  The ending saw the team of Cade and Murdoch hit a clip to the knee, then followed it up with a Clothesline to pick up the pin-fall victory to become the new World Tag Team Champions. 

Match Number Seven - Shawn Michaels Vs. The “Master Piece” Chris Masters.  Before this match got underway, Chris Masters applied the Master Lock on Shawn Michaels before the bell had rung.  Once the match got underway, it was all right.  Masters applied the Master Lock once again and Michaels figured out a way to get to the outside of the ring causing Masters to break the hold.  The ending saw Masters try to go for the third Master Lock, however he did not get it completely locked in and Michaels was able to get out of it and hit the Sweet Chin Music to pick up the pin-fall victory. 

Match Number Eight - The Main Event.  WWE Championship:  WWE Champion, John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle.  This match was all right.  The ending saw Angle having Cena in the Ankle Lock, however Cena did not tap out.  Then while the Ankle Lock was applied, the Referee had been knocked down.  Then Eric Bischoff, General Manager of RAW, made his way to the ring and then went and got the WWE Championship belt.  While Cena was still in the Ankle Lock, Bischoff was rubbing the belt in Cena's face and telling him that the belt would no longer be his.  Then after Cena escaped the Ankle Lock, he threw Angle right into Bischoff.  This resulted in the WWE Championship being in the ring.  As the Referee was getting back up, Cena hit Angle with the Championship belt and once this happened, the Referee immediately called for the bell to ring and Cena was disqualified. 

Now here comes where it gets confusing; the General Manager of RAW, Eric Bischoff, got on the mike and said he did not want the Referee to give Cena the belt and that he didn't care about the rules.  Then before he could say anything else, Cena had hit Bischoff with the FU, and after this Angle attacked Cena once again and continued to attack.  Then another Referee came out and the bell rang for a second time.  Cena delivered a FU to Angle on the Spanish Announcer's table.  Jim Ross announced before the Pay-Per-View was over that the Referee had disqualified Angle and that Cena was the winner.  I really don’t get this because it was Cena who hit Angle with the belt, therefore I don't understand why Cena would be announced the winner. 

Some additional comments regarding Unforgiven. 

First, there was no announcement of how many fans were in attendance for this Pay-Per-View, so I can only assume that this Pay-Per-View was not sold out. 

After Ric Flair won the Intercontinental Championship from Carlito, he started to celebrate, which was to party with four ladies in his Limousine, and during the rest of the night they would show what was happening with Flair.  I am very happy that Flair won the Intercontinental Championship because this is the only Championship that he has not won in the WWE; so it was his first time.  I don’t know how long of a title reign that it will be but for now he can enjoy this Championship.  It is expected once Triple H returns, both Flair and Triple H will be put into a feud; so maybe this is the way that he will lose the belt or maybe Carlito could be the one to take the belt from him and win it again for a second time. 

I thought the Diva match was all right, but if the WWE is serious about having a Women’s Division, they are going to have to bring some women up from their Developmental Territory or do something quick because right now they don’t have many women that can actually wrestle; so having Trish and Victoria in this match was good.  If they want to help Ashley while she is training to become a wrestler, they should have her trained by Trish, Victoria or Lita, or send her down to Ohio Valley Wrestling because you can’t learn to become a wrestler overnight and right now she is not ready yet to be in the ring.  But, that is just my opinion.  However, Torrie Wilson really can’t wrestle, and while she may be able to do a few moves, really she should be put in a different role where it just may suit her. 

I really thought the Matt Hardy and Edge steel cage match was the best match of the night.  Edge got busted open in this match and lost a lot of blood.  The way that they ended it with the Leg Drop off the top of the cage was a good way to end the match, and to finally give Matt Hardy a victory in this feud. 

I think it was good for Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch to have won the World Tag Team Championship, however I don't think the World Tag Team Championship will be defended that much, due to the fact there are not many Tag Teams around.  I think the WWE should seriously consider getting more Tag Teams in order to revive their Tag Team Division.

I was not too happy with the way the WWE Championship match ended.  I would have liked for Kurt Angle to have won the WWE Championship because he deserves another opportunity to be the Champion; but it didn't happen.  However, I still am confused on who should have won the match, and the way that the Pay-Per-View ended.  Jim Ross said Kurt Angle had been disqualified; but in my opinion I think it should have been John Cena.  I don’t think this is the way they should have ended the match, it should either have ended in a pin-fall or submission, but again… that is my opinion.

This has been the Unforgiven report written by your author:  Rockin' Robin Drodge here at The Canadian Connection.

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© 2004 Robin Drodge, All Rights Reserved

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