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Rockin' Robin's VHS Tapes, 1990-1992

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AWA Hulk Hogan Highlights 1981-1983. 1990 Sgt. Slaughter. 1990 WWF WrestleFest '90. 1990 WWF Supertape Vol. 2. 1990
WWF SummerSlam '90. The Heat Returns. 1990 WWF Battle of the Superstars. 1990 WrestleMania VI


WWF Wrestlemania VII. 1991 WWF Survivor Series. The Gravest Challenge. 1991 WWF 2nd. Annual Battle of the Superstars. 1991 WWF Supertape Vol. 3. Featuring Exclusive Profile on Legion of Doom. 1991
WWF SummerSlam '91.  A Match Made In Heaven and A Match Made In Hell. 1991 WWF World Tour 1991 WWF Supertape Vol. 4. Featuring an Exclusive Profile on Big Boss Man. 1991


WWF Fan Favorite Matches. 1992 WWF WrestleMania's Greatest Matches. 1992 WWF Ultimate Warrior. Experience The Awesome Power! 1992 WWF Crunch Classic. 1992
WWF Best of Superheros, Collector's Edition. 1992 WWF Best of Hulkamania, Collector's Edition. 1992 WWF Best of Wrestlemania, Collector's Edition. 1992 WWF The Immortal Hulk Hogan. His Greatest Matches. 1992
WWF WrestleMania VIII. 1992 WWF The 6th Annual Survivor Series. 1992 WWF Wrestling World Tour. 1992

The cover designs on all WWF/WWE video tapes are copyright protected by
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Wrestling Video Tape Listing, 1990 - 1992


  1. AWA Hulk Hogan's Highlights.  1981-1983

  2. Sgt. Slaughter

  3. WWF WrestleFest '90.

  4. WWF Supertape. Vol. 2

  5. WWF SummerSlam '90.  The Heat Returns

  6. WWF Battle of The Superstars

  7. WWF Wrestlemania VI (no Cover)


  1. WWF Wrestlemania VII

  2. WWF Survivor Series.  The Gravest Challenge

  3. WWF 2nd. Annual Battle of The Superstars

  4. WWF Supertape. Vol. 3.  Featuring Exclusive Profile on Legion of Doom

  5. WWF SummerSlam 91.  A Match Made In Heaven and A Match Made In Hell.

  6. WWF World Tour 1991

  7. WWF Supertape. Vol. 4.  Featuring an Exclusive Profile on Big Boss Man


  1. WWF Fan Favorite Matches

  2. WWF WrestleMania's Greatest Matches

  3. WWF Ultimate Warrior.  Experience The Awesome Power!

  4. WWF Best of Superheroes.  Collector's Edition

  5. WWF Crunch Classic

  6. WWF Best of Hulkamania.  Collector's Edition

  7. WWF Best of Wrestlemania.  Collector's Edition

  8. WWF The Immortal Hulk Hogan.  His Greatest Matches

  9. WWF Wrestlemania VIII

  10. WWF The 6th. Annual Survivor Series (2 tapes)

  11. WWF Wrestling World Tour

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